Runique is an international operating Choreographer, Dancer, Instructor, Coach and Model.

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video shooting navid and omid

Besides of the persian super stars Kamran & Hooman from Los Angeles, Runique now works as choreographer and stage director with the new persian R&B group Navid & Omid. On the 3rd and 4th of August 2006 Navid & Omid shot their latest two singels "Chi Mishod" and "Fayard" in Berlin/Germany. 4 dancers have been supporting this two music videos. Those music videos are going to be broadcasted on all main persian music televisions all around the world by the end of this year.  Read more...



The College, Balthasar-Neumann-School in Bruchsal/Germany presented their big annual fashion show on 27th and 28th of July 2006. Runique was booked, to establish a choreography for about 1,5 hours fashion show. The coaching of 82 Models has been turned out as a coordinational challenge, which runique managed professionally. The fashion show has been a big success for the College!  Read more...

The monthly russian newspaper "Krugosor" took an interview with Runique. After the Mai edition with Runique on the front page an his biography inside the newspaper, Krugosor released  the second part "the interview" in the latest June edition.  Krugosor is available in all russian stores in Germany.  Read more...

About two weeks ago Runique and 7even were invited for an interview to FRIZZ-TV. The topics of the interview were the new dance company and the new dance style Salsuno. As an extra Runique, 7even and their guest "Emy", a professional dancer from Los Angeles, have performed there. Read more...

Under gallery you can find now the pictures of the Grab Your Dance Moves Street Dance Workshop in Cologne/Germany. Also a new Salsuno workshop video clip is available in the Videos section.
street dance workshop köln

Am Samstag den 13. Mai 2006 fand der große Workshop statt. Über 100 eifrige Teilnehmer sind gekommen, um die volle Ladung an bombastischen 6 Stunden StreetDance in ihre Adern pumpen zu lassen! Die Choreographen und Dozenten Taka, 7even, E.T. und Runique haben ihre tänzerischen Karten auf den Tisch gelegt.


Runique erschien auf dem Titelblatt der russischsprachigen Zeitung Krugosor. Die Mai Ausgabe ist seit einigen Tagen veröffentlicht und überall in Deutschland in Geschäften mit russischen Spezialitäten zu bekommen. Auf der Seite 12 und 13 gibt es mehr über Runique zu lesen.

Da das Interview sehr lang ausgefallen ist, wird es in der Juni Ausgabe den zweiten Teil des Interviews geben.

Auch in der etwas differenzierten Krugosor Plus Zeitung, gibt es einiges über Runique zu lesen.

street dance workshop köln front
street dance workshop köln back

Am 13 Mai findet das angesagte Grab Your Dance Moves Street Dance Workshop in Köln statt. Dieses Mal mit 4 Choreographen, Taka, E.T., 7even und Runique. Neben den vier Choreographien in Hip-Hop New Style, gibt es Einführungen in Popping Boogaloo (by 7even); Salsuno (by Runique); House N.Y. Style (by Taka) und Locking (by E.T.).

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