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Singular, incomparable and extraordinary - which is, for which the name Runique stands and which Runique embodies. The name Runique consists of the English word unique, which means one-of-a-kind. Singular of Runique is the control of many different dance styles, incomparable is his own dance style and extraordinary is his representation.

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The time before dancing

Runique was born in 1978 in former Soviet Union, near the borders of China and Mongolia. With the age of 12 his family and he moved to Germany. Already as an infant Runique emerges as a sports nut and achieves large successes. 1994 Runique belongs to the best table tennis players of his region and celebrates triumphs in Karate. 1996 he attains the 5th Place at the BMX Freestyle World Championships.


1996 at the demonstration of his BMX Show on a city celebration he sees Breakdance for the first time and is immediately fascinated by Breakdance.  Short time after Runique starts with Breakdance and trains each day on his blood-drawn cardboard document in the cellar. One year later he creates his Breakdance group, the "Neck Breakaz".

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Discovery of his dance talent

1999 as Runique meets Eszteca Noya, a world-well-known Street Dancer from Amsterdam, with an appearance to know, he is immediately inspired by Esztecas dance style. Since Runique dances only Breakdance at this time, Hip-Hop was a new challenge to him. Runique discovers his rhythm and tact, which he does not possess before. Eszteca Noya recognizes Runique’s talent and invites him to Amsterdam in 2000, in order to perform with some of the world-best dancers on Holland largest fashion show, The Fashion Lounge. With Runique’s big talent and his fast apprehension he finds entrance to the other dancers very fast.  Since the public is so inspired by Runique and Eszteca, they are booked for many further shows and make themselves a large name as duo in the dance scene.  Apart from fashion shows for Adidas, G-Star and Tommy Hilfiger, he dances for Romeo, the most successful R&B group in Holland and performs at the America Today Fashion Tour through The Netherlands and Belgium.

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Acknowledgment and honors

Runique becomes 1999 German Champion in the categories Breakdance and Hip-Hop. In addition he attains in the same year the 2nd Place at the Breakdance World Championships and the 3rd Place at the Hip Hop World Championships. In 2000 MTV and the fashion brand InScene conduct a nationwide competition with the slogan "InScene Your Talent!". Runique participates among 3.500 competitors and sets his talent so skillfully in scene that he wins the Talent Award. MTV and host Nandini Mitra present Runique and his talent in an exclusive one hour broadcast. Afterwards many new possibilities open up to Runique.

Tours and TV appearances

Many get attentive on Runique. Thus Runique dances e.g. Fünf Sterne De Lux (German rap group), Anke Engelke (German comedian star), Yvonne Catterfeld (German super star) and shoots a music video clip with Jeanette Biedermann for the Song "How It's Got To Be". Runique performs at many big TV Shows, e.g.:  The Dome 19 and 21, Top Of The Pops, SAT.1 Silvester Gala 2002, X-Mas Bravo Show and Universal Music. 2003 Runique dances at Jeanette Biedermann’s Rock My Life Tour 2003 through over 50 cities in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.  In the same year Runique performs with Dick Brave (Sasha) on the Comet (German Movie Awards) and acts in the German thriller series SK-Koelsch. On VIVA Television (German Music Television) Runique presents his new and unique Salsa style in a dance show with Fusion, the Choreographer of R&B singer Sisqo.


At INTAKO 2000 (International Dance Teacher Congress), Runique educates other dance teachers in the dance styles Hip-Hop and Breakdance. Beside of that Runique gives workshops in many cities like Leuven, Amsterdam, Hamburg, Cologne, Munich, Dresden, Regensburg, Karlsruhe  and teaches on international Salsa congresses.

Apart from dancing

Apart from dancing Runique studies international management economics as remote study.

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"If I get enthusiastic for a dance style, then I want to know everything over it - from the origin to the today's development", like that Runique. "I am very lucky my hidden talent in me to have discovered."  - and this special talent leads him to large successes and a well-known name in the dance scene. You can determine with difficulty which Runique’s largest success is - the prizes and the honors, performances in front of a million audience or co-operations with internationally well-known artists.


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