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Runique as judge at the international dance competition - Phat SkillzDance 2008

phat slillzdance

For the second time the international dance competition Phat SkillzDance is going to take place in Germany/Ludwigshafen in May 2008. Also this year Runique is invited to judge at the competition. 

2. Internationaler Streetdance & HipHop-Contest Ludwigshafen 2008

The judges will select around 16 choreographers from all the international applications for +phat_skillz//dance. The judges will comprise famous hiphop-stars who will choose the three winners. The decisive criteria for participants include: originality of the choreography, imaginative movements, musicality, quality of dance and technique, dynamism and homogeneity of the group. If you are at least 16 years old and have developed a choreography for a group of three to eight dancers, don’t hesitate—just apply.

Sa, 3.5.2008, 14.00 Uhr: öffentlicher Wettbewerb mit anschließender Preisverleihung
Ab ca. 22.00 Uhr: öffentliche Abschlussparty für alle Künstler und Zuschauer

Konzept und Künstlerische Leitung/Concept and Artistic Direction:
Juliane Rößler
Ellen-T. Kokaras


Kelechi Onyele (Tänzer, Choreograph // dancer, choreographer)
Runique (Tänzer, Choreograph // dancer, choreographer)
Sonny Tee (Tänzer, Choreograph // dancer, choreographer)
Juliane Rößler

Veranstalter // Venue Theater im Pfalzbau
Intendant Prof. Hansgünther Heyme

Anmeldeschluss // Closing date to apply: 22. 2.2008 // 22nd of February 2008

Preise // Prizes

1. Preis // 1st prize: 3.000 Euro
2. Preis // 2nd prize: 2.000 Euro
3. Preis // 3rd prize: 1.000 Euro
Publikumspreis // audience prize:  500 Euro

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