Runique as judge at the International Choreography Contest 2007

phat skillz dance

Last year, the Theater im Pfalzbau Ludwigshafen received more than 300 applications from 35 countries for the inaugural International Choreography Competition. 20 groups were selected to participate in the event, resulting in fantastic dance, great fun, passion and excitement. Enough good reasons to do it again! The Theater im Pfalzbau Ludwigshafen will therefore

stage the 2nd International Choreography Competition Ludwigshafen 2007, initiated by and under the artistic direction of the choreographer Juliane Rößler.

The contest is going to be extended to new and very big section in March 2007. Phat Skillz Dance, is going to be the 1st International StreetDance & Hip-Hop Choreography Contest in Ludwigsahfen / Germany. Dance groups from all over the world are able to apply to the dance competition until 15.01.2007. Selected groups will be invited to the international StreetDance & Hip-Hop Contest to compete with each other by performing the best choreography. As an expert in all kind of areas in StreetDance and other dance styles Runique is invited to be one of the judges.

Phat Skillz Dance Dance Competition

Runique (Choreographer, dancer)
Sonny Tee (Choreographer, dancer)
Juliane Rößler

1. Place    3.000,00 Euro
2. Place    2.000,00 Euro
3. Place    1.000,00 Euro
Audition prize:  500,00 Euro

Further info, apllying form etc. go here
Phat Skillz Dance und No Ballet


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