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MTV & InScene Talent Award

Runique has won the MTV & InScene Talents Award 2000 of 3.500 participants in Germany. Beside of broadcasting of the finals Runique was interviewed and presented by Nandini Mitra in an exclusive 1 hour Show on MTV.

BRAVO - Magazine

Bravo has been repeatedly on the "Rock My Life Tour" of Jeanette Biedermann. Here you can see one of their publications.

YAM - Magazine

YAM has also been one of the accompanists of Jeanette Biedermann's "Rock My Life Tour". Here you can see one of their publications.

That´s Up

Runique has appeared on the title page and two-sided personality story in the most popular magazine of Karlsruhe/Germany.

Witten Aktuell

Runique has been invited to a model casting in NRW to coach the models. The newspaper "Witten Aktuell" gives an account of that event.

BNN - Badische Neuste Nachrichten

BNN has found out of Runique's success at the MTV & Inscene Awards and has taken an extensive interview of Runique.  

BNN - Badische Neuste Nachrichten

For the ninth time now the biggest show dance competition "The Show" in south-west Germany has taken place on the 1st of April 2006. Over 80 dance crews competed that day in Karlsruhe (Jubez). Runique was invited to judge at The Show.

Der Kurier

One of the biggest newspapers in Karlsruhe perports about Runique's success at MTV & InScene Awards.

Burgdorf Presse

Runique and his crew has won the German Breakdance Championship. "Burgdorf Presse" reports about it.

bnn 1. april 2006 the show tanz wettbewerb karlsruhe jubez

Norddeutsche Zeitung

The Noth German Newspaper reports about the success at the German Breakdance Championship.


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