top dance workshops

The participants of the seminars and workshops of Runique become acquainted fast with the fact that the physical mode of expression of the music cannot only be represented on one side but offers many more possibilities for the representation through dancing.

Dance styles Runique teaches

  • hip-hop L.A. style
  • N.Y. house dance
  • Salsuno
  • Salsa footwork
  • Salsa Partner Work
  • Locking
  • Bachata
  • Merengue

street dance workshop

Rhythm, feeling and music stand in the foreground and Runique shows as an instructor, how one can dance for example on melody, lyrics and breaks. Straight ones in Runique's courses and workshops are inaugurated also inexperienced participants in insider knowledge from the scene and receive a fresh view of current dance developments.

Feedback of a participant

" I attended in your courses in Gina Workshops two weeks ago and was so far in such a way done of none, as of your course. I found it expressed positive that you told us in one of your first sentences that it is long not so important for you to dance immediately the perfect Choreo but that it would be much more important to get the right feeling and the groove of the Hip Hop into the body. That took off the fear of me immediately not to come again. [...] You have an very friendly and merry, very much refreshing positive kind at you, that I was able to end the course with being very satisfied although I couldn't dance the choreographies perfectly, because it made nevertheless fun. 
Your music cuts were noticeable to me also very positively. [...] It is mad, how you process the elements of modern and jazz also in your choreographies. Particularly on Sunday your choreography inspired me to more style mixing in my combinations.  I hope to be able to still participate more often in one of your courses with workshops. Love of greetings, Angela."


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