Coaching for your Stage Performance

For artists in the music and dance range image and stage operational readiness level are a substantial components, which decides on success or failure. Already little things, like an unintentional, unappealing facial expression, a misleading or rigid body language can impair the career strongly.

Who stands on the stage has the full attention of the spectators and the cameras. The spectator notices each discrepancy and this also is held by the cameras. Things, which harm the own image and smash future chances. Also relatively successful artists often do not notice, which possibilities are opened  of optimizing their performance on stages and presentation in the public around a multiple.

Runique supports artists in effective and emotional way. He brings along the know-how and the necessity view for the improvement of the artistic representation. By its study to the European operation manager Runique possesses the necessary qualification for the analysis and optimization of economic criteria.
In particular the view of marketing for artists is a very important success factor, with which Runique accesses not exclusively the artistic point of view. Runique arranges the Coaching from the marketing perspective, ties a package from a casting and lets thereby a convincing image develop. Whether Heavy Metal Band, Hip Hop crew or jazz singer - each music artist receives the Coaching, which again-reflects and at the same time helps him.

Also dancers or dance groups with already existing Shows let themselves be coached by Runique and receive success-promising improvement.

That expects you

  • Detailed discussion and acquisition of the targets
  • Analysis of the current situation
  • Comparison of the current situation with the given goal
  • Elaboration of solutions
  • Convert and solidify the solutions
  • Coaching of the stage operational readiness level
  • Coaching of the camera operational readiness level


  • individual examination
  • long-term planning
  • creative solutions

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